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Nov 24, 2017 temporary – performed by natural dyes (henna, basma, etc.), without damaging the top layer of the skin;; permanent.How to Dye Hair with Henna and Basma. Henna can be combined not only with different foods and herbs, but also with natural dye as Basma. There are two options of hair coloring with henna and basma: simultaneous and separate.not recommend to dry hair with a blow-dryer. Natural hair dyes, such as henna, basma, onion peel and walnut shells also provide a good anti-dandruff effect.

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Basma has extraordinary cosmetic benefits. It stimulates hair growth; it improves the body of hair and boosts follicles and hair roots. Basma is a natural hair dye, ecologically clean product, which contains bio-active substances and vitamins.Basma Iranian Natural 25 Gr For staining is recommended to use a mixture of henna and Basma (the ratio of paints and time of contact with the hair selected individually). Hair graying is recommended to paint in series with henna, and then basma Product details.Basma can be used only with henna or coffee, because basma itself can dye your hair in green or greenish blue. Basma has excellent cosmetology properties: it stimulates hair growth and gives it a natural shine, improves hair structure, strengthens hair roots, and eliminates dandruff.

The Black henna is imported from India, which is known to be one of the best regions for henna production. It is a superior quality natural, henna hand-mixed The henna is filled into this convenient.Natural basma Iran intended to strengthen and supply of hair and hair dye in a darker tone. Basma recommended for use in combination with henna to dye hair, .INDIAN HENNA BROW Black plant-based color for eyebrow tinting Basma Powder - for hair dyeing, restoration and conditioning psoriasis, neuromeritis, urticaria, fever), as well as for the treatment of scars, bedsores and cuts, and against .

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indian henna indigo 100g Basma is obtained from the leaves of indigo and used as a natural and hypoallergenic dye. In ancient times basma was used for the treatment and cosmetic purposes - dying hair, eyebrows, eyelashes.6x Eagle's Black Color Hair Dye Henna Herbal Mehandi Export Quality. 1 product rating | Write a Psoriasis Hair Shampoo 16 Fl. Oz. +. .99New. + .99 Black Rose Kali Black Mehandi Henna Herbal Based Hair Dye Powder 50 GMS. (4) Natural Iranian Basma Premium Quality Powder Hair Dye Coloring.Psoriasis is a skin condition that can cause itchy and red patches to develop on your skin and even your scalp. While henna is not medically prescribed.

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Vol. XXI pp. 125 to 132. HENNA AND PSORIASIS. SAMIR YAHIA El·GAMMAL*. ABSTRACT. Henna plant was known to man since time immemorial. The parts.Ethnopharmacological relevance: The use of Lawsonia inermis L. (henna) for 2010), Euphorbia hirta (Basma et al., 2011; Gopinath et al., 2012; N'Guessan .Tell us which product you would like to see on our site. Special offers and Discounts by email.

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